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Flexi-Seal® Nail n' Screw Patch
A Nail and Screw Hole Filler

Flexi-Seal Nail n' Screw Patch

Flexi-Seal® Nail n' Screw Patch will not chip—has very strong adhesion!

Flexi-Seal Screw 'n Nail Patch is a highly polymer modified cementitious compound, that when mixed with water, cures to a tough finish and exhibits slight flexibilty. It will not chip and has very strong adhesion.

It is used prior to application of Flexi-Seal Primer Sealer or Flexi-Seal Mega Prime to patch chips and holes in concrete floors or walls, as well as patch nail holes and screw in plywood or particle board.

Typical Properties
Appearance White Powder
Base Vinyl Polymer/ Cement Based
Viscosity (mixed) Putty consistency
Set Time Approx 10-15 minutes

Material Safety Data Sheet available on request

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